Across geographies, languages & cultures one thing remains the same: the power of an effective brand.

Packaging communicates
your brand on an emotional level. It activates the senses, and speaks directly from the shelf to the customer. It's design that makes people, feel, smell, taste & try - converting browsers into buyers.
Over the course of a decade we've evolved to become a multidisciplinary design studio working both in print and digital, but always creatively.
We help brands stand out in store and let their identity shine. We engage, entertain, involve and inform to create experiences that keep people coming back for more.


The starting point is always your brief; budgets are signed off and research completed to
ensure that everything checks out and stacks up. Then begins a four-stage visual strategy and
execution process: taking the idea from concept through to development, application, and
finally, artwork and production, always ensuring the highest standards of delivery.


Strategic graphic design
Structural design
Concept visualisation/ideation
Photorealistic 3D visualisation/rendering
Design implementation & rollout
Photography & retouching
Artwork & production

At the helm

Depot is led by Angela Spindler, company principal. She is an intuitive, passionate and knowledgeable designer. With a Masters Degree in Design and 26 years experience in packaging design, she brings a wealth of technical prowess and creativity to all projects. Her particular expertise lies in the drinks category and she is always looking at new ways of using different substrates to maximise their design potential and create designs that are fresh, engaging and innovative.

Angela has a very hands-on approach to every project and is as comfortable liaising with clients as she is with briefing illustrators, printers and manufacturers – but admits her favourite aspect of the project is still generating the idea.

She believes her passion for design will continue to be fueled by the constant challenges of each packaging project and enjoys being part of a process that shapes the way people interact, engage and experience products.

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