Design is all around us, whether we realize it or not. From the way your morning coffee cup fits in your hand to the ads and billboards that line your commute to even the layout of your city—we live in a world that was deliberately constructed.

It’s not just about being pretty, though there is something compelling about how we take pleasure in adornment. Effective design has the advantage of being informative while also emotionally compelling. At its most influential, design can even condition viewers to exhibit specific behaviors.

We take those principles to heart when we approach any packaging design project. As an award-winning company, we believe that a product’s package (and unpackaging) can be a thrilling moment for the customer. It’s one of the core ways that they experience the product, first visually then tangibly.

One of our recent projects was for an organic aromatherapy business called Wildheart Organics. To support their rebrand initiative, they tasked us with upscaling their packaging materials. The goal was to conjure a luxurious feel so that the products could compete with other leading brands on the market.

Wildheart Organics Branding Packaging

We made sure to collaborate with the client to collect feedback, finalizing the concepts and artwork within schedule. So far, the new packaging has earned high praise from stockists and existing clients. We’ve helped improve the product’s positioning, which allowed the client to increase their pricing.

Wildheart Organics was so pleased with the results that they left us a perfect 5-star review on Clutch, a B2B reviews company that ranks service providers. In their interview, they commented that we “demonstrated a deep understanding” of their market sector and displayed “100% enthusiasm throughout the year-long project.”

Clutch review of Wildheart Organics. Depot Creative is an award-winning packaging design agency.

We’re very humbled (and pleased!) to receive such kind words from our client. Their support has also made it possible for us to be ranked on Clutch’s sister sites. The Manifest lists top service providers around the world based on market research, and Visual Objects visually displays companies’ creative projects in a portfolio format.

For more insights into our design philosophy, browse through our service offerings to read about our team’s expertise or take a look at our past projects. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, so give us a call.