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Packaging design that builds brands

Depot is an independent packaging design agency in Sydney, established in 2002.

We’re specialists in our field, choosing to stick with what we do best without getting stuck in our ways. We focus on food, drinks, fragrance, beauty and wellness and lifestyle because a lifetime of being immersed in these categories is where our experience comes into its own. We team up with visionary clients because they value the difference we bring to the mix. We always challenge and seek out the difference to ensure our designs remain in the mind and heart of consumers.

We’re Depot, the packaging thinkers, creators and innovators.

We create brands

When it comes to creating your brand, we believe that there are two choices; risk the unusual, or settle for the ordinary – and which you choose sets the tone for your brand’s success. Where run-of-the-mill packaging blends in, simple and impactful packaging shines. If going against the grain and a penchant for the extraordinary sounds like you, we’re always seeking to connect with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to multinationals.

We evolve brands

In an increasingly crowded marketplace we help established brands remain relevant and agile. So whether you are looking for a packaging refresh or a re-brand, our expertise and cut-through ideas deliver high-impact results.

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Depot Creative Pty Ltd Privacy Policy


1.1 Depot Creative Pty Ltd ACN 100 507 042 (we, us or our) has adopted this Privacy Policy to ensure that we have standards in place to protect the Personal Information that we collect about individuals through our website ( is necessary and incidental to:

a) Providing the services and information that we offer; and

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1.3 By publishing this Privacy Policy we aim to make it easy for our clients and the public to understand what Personal Information we collect and store, why we do so, how we receive and/or obtain that information, and the rights an individual has with respect to their Personal Information in our possession.


2.1 Our Privacy Policy deals with how we handle “personal information” as it is defined in the Privacy Act (Personal Information).

2.2 We handle Personal Information in our own right and also for and on behalf of our clients.

2.3 Our Privacy Policy does not apply to information we collect about businesses or companies, however it does apply to information about the people in those businesses or companies which we store.

2.4 The Privacy Policy applies to all forms of information, physical and digital, whether collected or stored electronically or in hardcopy.

2.5 If, at any time, an individual provides Personal Information or other information about someone other than himself or herself, the individual warrants that they have that person’s consent to provide such information for the purpose specified.

2.6 Our website and services are unavailable to children (persons under the age of 18 years).


3.1 In the course of our business it is necessary for us to collect Personal Information. This information allows us to identify who an individual is for the purposes of our business, share Personal Information when asked of us, contact the individual in the ordinary course of business and transact with the individual.  Without limitation, the type of information we may collect is:

a) Personal Information.  We may collect personal details such as an individual’s name, location, date of birth, nationality, family details and other information defined as “Personal Information” in the Privacy Act that allows us to identify who the individual is;

b) Contact Information.  We may collect information such as an individual’s email address, telephone & fax number, third-party usernames, residential, business and postal address and other information that allows us to contact the individual;

c) Financial Information.  We may collect financial information related to an individual such as any bank or credit card details used to transact with us and other information that allows us to transact with the individual and/or provide them with our services;

d) Statistical Information.  We may collect information about an individual’s online and offline preferences, habits, movements, trends, decisions, associations, memberships, finances, purchases and other information for statistical purposes; and

e) Information an individual sends us.  We may collect any personal correspondence that an individual sends us, or that is sent to us by others about the individual’s activities.

3.2 We may collect other Personal Information about an individual, which we will maintain in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

3.3 We may also collect non-Personal Information about an individual such as information regarding their computer, network and browser.  This may include their IP address. Where non-Personal Information is collected the Australian Privacy Principles do not apply.


4.1 Most information will be collected in association with an individual’s use of our websitei, an enquiry about our business or generally dealing with us.  However we may also receive Personal Information from sources such as advertising, an individual’s own promotions, public records, mailing lists, contractors, staff, recruitment agencies and our business partners.  In particular, information is likely to be collected as follows:

a) Registrations/Subscriptions.  When an individual registers or subscribes for a service, list, account, connection or other process whereby they enter Personal Information details in order to receive or access something, including a transaction;

b) Accounts/Memberships. When an individual submits their details to open an account and/or become a member with us;

c) Reporting Information. When an individual submits information containing Personal Information to be communicated or managed using our system.

d) Supply. When an individual supplies us with goods or services;

e) Contact.  When an individual contacts us in any way;

f) Access. When an individual accesses us physically we may require them to provide us with details for us to permit them such access.  When an individual accesses us through the internet we may collect information using cookies (if relevant – an individual can adjust their browser’s setting to accept or reject cookies) or analytical services; and/or

g) Pixel Tags. Pixel tags enable us to send email messages in a format customers can read and they tell us whether mail has been opened.

4.2 As there are many circumstances in which we may collect information both electronically and physically, we will endeavour to ensure that an individual is always aware of when their Personal Information is being collected.

4.3 Where we obtain Personal Information without an individual’s knowledge (such as by accidental acquisition from a client) we will either delete/destroy the information, or inform the individual that we hold such information, in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.


5.1 In general, the primary principle is that we will not use any Personal Information other than for the purpose for which it was collected other than with the individual’s permission.  The purpose of collection is determined by the circumstances in which the information was collected and/or submitted.

5.2 We will retain Personal Information for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law.

5.3 If it is necessary for us to disclose an individual’s Personal Information to third parties in a manner compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles in the course of our business, we will inform you that we intend to do so, or have done so, as soon as practical.

5.4 We will not disclose or sell an individual’s Personal Information to unrelated third parties under any circumstances.

5.5 Information is used to enable us to operate our business, especially as it relates to an individual.  This may include:

a) The provision of goods and services between an individual and us;

b) Verifying an individual’s identity;

c) Communicating with an individual:

i. About their relationship with us;

ii. To develop the relationship with, and to market to, provide products, services and/or information to, that individual;

iii. To provide that individual with copies of our newsletter, information about our services, or marketing and/or promotional material;

iv. To maintain, administer and improve our systems;

v. To improve our website, including modifying it to that individual’s usage, history and preferences;

vi. To troubleshoot problems;

vii. To conduct internal administrative activities, research, analytics, planning and project development;

viii. To conduct competitions, surveys and questionnaires;

ix. To investigate any complaints about or made by an individual, or if we have reason to suspect that an individual is in breach of any of our terms and conditions or that an individual is or has been otherwise engaged in any unlawful activity; and/or

x. As required or permitted by any law (including the Privacy Act).

5.6 There are some circumstances in which we must disclose an individual’s information:

a) Where we reasonably believe that an individual may be engaged in fraudulent, deceptive or unlawful activity that a governmental authority should be made aware of;

b) As required by any law (including the Privacy Act); and/or

c) In order to sell our business (in that we may need to transfer Personal Information to a new owner).

5.7 We will not disclose an individual’s Personal Information to any entity outside of Australia that is in a jurisdiction that does not have a similar regime to the Australian Privacy Principles or an implemented and enforceable privacy policy similar to this Privacy Policy. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that any disclosure to an entity outside of Australia will not be made until that entity has agreed in writing with us to safeguard Personal Information as we do.

5.8 We may utilise third-pay service providers (such as Gmail and Campaign Monitor) to communicate with an individual and to store contact details about an individual. These service providers are located in the United States of America.


6.1 An individual may opt to not have us collect their Personal Information.  This may prevent us from offering them some or all of our services and may terminate their access to some or all of the services they access with or through us.  They will be aware of this when:

a) Opt In.  Where relevant, the individual will have the right to choose to have information collected and/or receive information from us; or

b) Opt Out.  Where relevant, the individual will have the right to choose to exclude himself or herself from some or all collection of information and/or receiving information from us.

6.2 If an individual believes that they have received information from us that they did not opt in or out to receive, they should contact us on the details below.


7.1 We may appoint a Privacy Officer to oversee the management of this Privacy Policy and compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act.  This officer may have other duties within our business and also be assisted by internal and external professionals and advisors.

7.2 We will take all reasonable precautions to protect an individual’s Personal Information from unauthorised access.  This includes appropriately securing our physical facilities and electronic networks.

7.3 The security of online transactions and the security of communications sent by electronic means or by post cannot be guaranteed.  Each individual that provides information to us via the internet or by post does so at their own risk.  We cannot accept responsibility for misuse or loss of, or unauthorised access to, Personal Information where the security of information is not within our control.

7.4 We are not responsible for the privacy or security practices of any third party (including third parties that we are permitted to disclose an individual’s Personal Information to in accordance with this policy or any applicable laws).  The collection and use of an individual’s information by such third parties may be subject to separate privacy and security policies.

7.5 If an individual suspects any misuse or loss of, or unauthorised access to, their Personal Information, they should let us know immediately.

7.6 We are not liable for any loss, damage or claim arising out of another person’s use of the Personal Information where we were authorised to provide that person with the Personal Information.


8.1 Users of our website can update their Personal Information from within their account or profile.

8.2 Subject to the Australian Privacy Principles, an individual has the right to request from us the Personal Information that we have about them, and we have an obligation to provide them with such information within 28 days of receiving their written request.

8.3 If an individual cannot update its own information, we will correct any errors in the Personal Information we hold about an individual within 7 days of receiving written notice from them about those errors.

8.4 It is an individual’s responsibility to provide us with accurate and truthful Personal Information. We cannot be liable for any information that is provided to us that is incorrect.

8.5 We may charge an individual a reasonable fee for our costs incurred in meeting any of their requests to disclose the Personal Information we hold about them.


9.1 If an individual has a complaint about our handling of their Personal Information, they should address their complaint in writing to the details below.

9.2 If we have a dispute regarding an individual’s Personal Information, we both must first attempt to resolve the issue directly between us.

9.3 If we become aware of any unauthorised access to an individual’s Personal Information we will inform them at the earliest practical opportunity once we have established what was accessed and how it was accessed.


10.1 From time to time, we may send an individual important notices, such as changes to our terms, conditions and policies. Because this information is important to the individual’s interaction with us, they may not opt out of receiving these communications.


11.1 All correspondence with regards to privacy should be addressed to:

The Privacy Officer
Depot Creative Pty Ltd
Flourmill Studios, 107/3 Gladstone Street
Newtown, NSW, 2042

You may contact the Privacy Officer by email in the first instance.


12.1 If we decide to change this Privacy Policy, we will post the changes on our webpage at Please refer back to this Privacy Policy to review any amendments.

12.2 We may do things in addition to what is stated in this Privacy Policy to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles, and nothing in this Privacy Policy shall deem us to have not complied with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Depot Expertise Feature

Depot Expertise

Our expertise

We’re a boutique agency with a big-hitting skill set. Our services span every aspect of the packaging design and production process. We offer brands of all sizes the expertise needed to realise their potential.

wine illustration OddOneOut bottles


Naming, positioning statements, packaging copy, content creation

baby blanket-identity design LittleBonBon Logo

Identity design

Brand marks (logo design), communication collateral, brand guidelines

packaging design sketching wild turkey


Visuals for stakeholders

Coffee packaging design Jacobs

Packaging design

Visual livery, design rollout, line extension, mock-ups, limited editions, packaging guideline design

packaging Bare bottle prototypes

Structural design

CAD, sourcing materials, detailing for manufacturing and design documentation, prototyping

skincare packaging design Sisidyll Box Tub

3D renders

Photorealistic product and packaging renders

Depot Bare Botanicals LillyPilly


Food, still life, portrait, product, bespoke brand libraries

skincare packaging Bare production

Production management

Asset creation, artwork/templates, die line creation, sourcing materials, supplier recommendations, production quoting, production/print management

Our process


We first research existing and relevant brands and products in and outside of your category. We review category language and its visual expression which enables us to determine the challenges but also opportunities within the category that may exist for differentiation and unique expression. We identify any issues or constraints of your existing packaging.


Findings from the research phase enable us to map out a clear strategy that establishes the direction of the design language, brand positioning and defines the target market.

We establish your brand story – we create a roadmap for how you want your brand’s story told and how you want it to be understood by consumers.


The creative stage is where we breathe life into your brand by translating the strategy into meaningful and memorable brand marks and packaging that strikes an emotional chord with your consumer.

We create designs that structure and simplify content to produce powerful packaging. We maximise the impact your brand is able to make in the seven second window that the average consumer studies a product before deciding whether – or not – to buy it.

Production management

We can oversee the entire production process for our clients. We are skilled in working closely with supply chain management, manufacturers and printers to optimise a brand’s packaging, minimising potential production risks, helping reduce production costs, material usage and waste and ensuring maximum return on investment.

Want to find out more? Contact us

Depot About Feature

Depot Work

Depot About Feature

Depot Awards Page

Industry awards

Not only are we critical of our work, we are not afraid to put it to the test by having it measured by leading design experts from around the world. From thousands of entries design juries are looking to pick the very best in consumer product packaging. The awards aren’t just ‘nice-to-have’ but celebrate the finest in design thinking and execution and indicate the absolute value of well-designed brand packaging.

Explore our award winning packaging designs – view our work.

Depot AwardLogos ADesign
Depot Award Pentawards Logo
Depot Dieline Awards Logo
Depot IDA Design Awards Logo
german design award winner 2018
creativity international awards. Award Winning Packaging Designs
European Product Design Award Logo. Packaging design award
Indigo Design Award Logo. Packaging design award

A’Design Award: GOLD, Nudus
A’Design Award: IRON, Hopapops
Indigo Design Award: GOLD, Wildheart
Indigo Design Award: SILVER, Nudus
Indigo Design Award: BRONZE, Hopapops

A’Design Award: BRONZE, Recreation
Creativepool Award: SHORTLISTED, Recreation
eDPA Award: PLATINUM, Jacobs Coffee
eDPA Award: SILVER, Recreation
Indigo Design Award: GOLD, Jacobs Coffee
Indigo Design Award: SILVER, Recreation

A’Design Award: IRON, Beanopini
German Design Award: WINNER, Baré Alchemy

A’Design Award: SILVER, Sisidyll
Creativity International Award: GOLD, Baré Alchemy

A’Design Award: GOLD, Baré Alchemy
A’Design Award: BRONZE, Sven’s Island
Pentawards: SILVER, Baré Alchemy
The Dieline Awards: 2nd PLACE WINNER, Baré Alchemy

A’Design Award: PLATINUM, Jacobs Coffee
A’Design Award: IRON, Margan Wine, Field Blend

A’Design Award: SILVER, Nugan Estate, Matriarch
IDA: BRONZE, Nugan Estate, Matriarch

Visit our work to view our award winning packaging designs.

Depot About Feature

Depot About Page

We are Depot

We’re based in Newtown’s landmark 19th century building, the imposing Federal Flour Mills, known now as Flourmill Studios. Bursting with character, it is a haven for heritage treasures, from hoppers to pulleys and drive-shafts — beautifully crafted, enduring pieces of design that provide rich inspiration, even today.

We believe that informative, inspiring, influential design is the artful combination of technology, craft and creative spirit – and it is this that makes Depot different.

Depot is a dynamic team of creative thinkers, problem solvers, craftsmen and perfectionists who, when mixed, create brands that engage, seduce and leave consumers wanting more.

Depot About Cloves
Principal Director Angela Spindler
Depot About Tools

At the helm

Principal Director, Angela Spindler has, during her 30 years in the design business, notched up almost 50,000 hours of design across four countries — so it is safe to say that she knows a thing or two. In addition, she has squeezed in a Master’s Degree in Design, guest lectured at design schools both here in Australia and overseas, and had her work published in a number of prominent design publications.

Her direct involvement in the creative direction of each project guarantees both the quality and consistency of the creative product.

Angela’s passion for packaging design began at an early age, keeping all of her toys in their original boxes. Her first paid commission was hand lettering certificates for Oxford University, and this level of careful craftsmanship is at the heart of everything she does. An avid collector, the Depot studio is a curious mix of industrial furniture, vintage packaging and eclectic signage.

Bespoke team

With the diverse range of projects that come through the studio, Angela hand picks tailored teams to meet specific project needs. Her little black book of collaborators includes the best talent around, whether it be 3D rendering artists, illustrators, copywriters, photographers or even glassblowers. It is this diversity that keeps us fresh and able to deliver strong, idea-based, innovative solutions.

Our flexibility and adaptability also allows us to have an international client base. We are currently working with clients in the Middle East, US, China, India and here in Australia. We are well versed in working across different time zones to meet project needs and client expectations.

To find out more about how we can help your brand realise its potential, take a look at our capabilities or simply see the results.

Depot About Letters
Depot About Mug
Depot About D detail