As a packaging designer, I have always considered the packaging of products as an exercise in dressing up. Akin to a person’s choice in clothing saying something about their personality, packaging can absolutely say something about the brand. Good packaging engages interest and has the potential to trigger a long and satisfying relationship with its owner.

So it’s been established that the ‘dressing’ of the product is important, but stepping into focus is now the ‘undressing’ or ‘unboxing’ of the product, especially for ecommerce businesses. In fact, the phenomenon of unboxing a product has become so popular that online communities are now sharing their unboxing moments. Consider this: in 2014 there were 1 billion YouTube views classified by the term ‘unboxing + video’.

On top of this, a survey from Dotcom Distribution revealed that 4 in 10 consumers share an image of their delivery via social media if it comes in unique packaging.

It’s no doubt that for successful packaging, ‘pleasure’ and ‘seduction’ play key roles. We know how the brain works with its pleasure reward system – we simply like doing things again and again if they give us pleasure. So for producers whose products are ‘dressed up’ in packaging, selling pleasure by ensuring the packaging is beautiful will bring customers back again and again. It’s worth remembering that it’s less expensive to bring an existing customer back for repeat purchases than it is to find new customers.

So, what does this all mean for you and your customer experiences? How do want them to engage with your brand and how do you want them to remember the experience? Perhaps creating an unforgettable ‘unboxing’ experience is the way to go? Engaging the senses to deliver memorable experiences is best practice:

  1. How does you package look when it first arrives – is it a recycled Corn Flake box with your product bubble wrapped inside or have you created a bespoke package that is suitably branded with your identity and your brand message.
  2. How does it feel? I still remember running my hands over my iphone6 Plus box. It was seductively smooth and sheer. So when it comes to the feel of your packaging, think about the print finish and the overall size. Is it relative to the product inside or is it a package with a bit of depth so the receiver can explore the content.
  3. How do you open it? Does the lid slide off with ease or do you need to brutally attack it with scissors? Once inside, is the product rolling around with the tax receipt stuck to it or is it carefully wrapped with a personalised message? One of our clients recently received phenomenal feedback after including personalised handwritten notes. Why? Because they make us feel special and considered.
  4. Was the ‘unboxing’ a positive experience? It should be, as for many customers it’s their first-ever physical touch point with your brand. If it’s positive, then it’s worth encouraging customers to share their experience with calls to action like making their own unboxing videos, social media posts and product reviews.

We feel passionately about ensuring the packaging experience is as positive and productive as it can be for your brand. If you’d like a helping hand, give us a call on +61 2 9519 9991 or email us at