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We’re based in Newtown’s landmark 19th century building, the imposing Federal Flour Mills, known now as Flourmill Studios. Bursting with character, it is a haven for heritage treasures, from hoppers to pulleys and drive-shafts — beautifully crafted, enduring pieces of design that provide rich inspiration, even today.

We believe that informative, inspiring, influential design is the artful combination of technology, craft and creative spirit – and it is this that makes Depot different.

Depot is a dynamic team of creative thinkers, problem solvers, craftsmen and perfectionists who, when mixed, create brands that engage, seduce and leave consumers wanting more.

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Principal Director Angela Spindler
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At the helm

Principal Director, Angela Spindler has, during her 30 years in the design business, notched up almost 50,000 hours of design across four countries — so it is safe to say that she knows a thing or two. In addition, she has squeezed in a Master’s Degree in Design, guest lectured at design schools both here in Australia and overseas, and had her work published in a number of prominent design publications.

Her direct involvement in the creative direction of each project guarantees both the quality and consistency of the creative product.

Angela’s passion for packaging design began at an early age, keeping all of her toys in their original boxes. Her first paid commission was hand lettering certificates for Oxford University, and this level of careful craftsmanship is at the heart of everything she does. An avid collector, the Depot studio is a curious mix of industrial furniture, vintage packaging and eclectic signage.

Bespoke team

With the diverse range of projects that come through the studio, Angela hand picks tailored teams to meet specific project needs. Her little black book of collaborators includes the best talent around, whether it be 3D rendering artists, illustrators, copywriters, photographers or even glassblowers. It is this diversity that keeps us fresh and able to deliver strong, idea-based, innovative solutions.

Our flexibility and adaptability also allows us to have an international client base. We are currently working with clients in the Middle East, US, China, India and here in Australia. We are well versed in working across different time zones to meet project needs and client expectations.

To find out more about how we can help your brand realise its potential, take a look at our capabilities or simply see the results.

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