Baré Alchemy

Launching a new brand in any category can be challenging particularly when you face well established competitors wielding chunky budgets. However, entrepreneur Anoop Sam Mohan seized the plentiful opportunities that surround niche brands to launch a range of bespoke botanical facial serums.

We saw a chance to create a brand with a strong point of difference and this meant crafting every facet to articulate its unique positioning. With one of the brands guiding philosophies being biomimicry, we looked to nature for both inspiration and direction. We created an own-able asset with the iconic bottle form and new delivery system. The packaging design solution reflects natures inner workings in a very transparent and vivid way, captured through material usage, the frosted glass bottle, the leaf shaped dropper and the brilliant radiographic images.

The absolute simplicity and clarity of the packaging design drive its sophistication and harness a well-crafted and well-considered sense of luxury, vital in this segment of the skin care category.

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Depot Award Logos

German Design Award: 2018 WINNER
Creativity International Award: 2017 GOLD
A’Design Award: 2016 GOLD
Pentawards: 2016 SILVER
The Dieline Awards: 2016 2nd PLACE WINNER

Identity Design  |  Packaging Design  |  Structural Design  |  3D Rendering  |  Photography  |  Production Management

Client: Baré Alchemy  |  Structural Design: Vert Design  |  Radiographic Artist: Steven N Meyers

“Angela is part of a rare breed of designers who have the emotional faculties to genuinely empathise with the essence of a brand.”
Anoop Sam Mohan – CEO Baré Alchemy

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