Bare-naked goodness


Our branding and packaging design for start-up company Nudus, beautifully shows off these healthy fruit and vegetable chips ‘bare-naked goodness’ philosophy and playful humour.

The USP of these chips is that they are made just from fruit and vegetable slices, simply air-dried, with nothing added whatsoever – hence our ‘bare-naked’ concept.

We wanted the vibrancy of the ingredients to pop, choosing black – a striking and unusual choice for the healthy snack market – as the main background colour, giving the product even more stand-out on shelf.

The ingredient is featured in both its raw and natural state, and once it’s air-dried, effectively communicating that it is made from real fruit and vegetables, simply sliced and dried. The curvaceous logo is feminine and approachable, and keeps the black-and-white contrast from feeling hard. The product description on the front overlays the main ingredient visual, acting as an Adam and Eve-style fig leaf, protecting the modesty of the ‘bare naked’ fruit and vegetables beneath.

Clean packaging for clean snacking.

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A’Design Award: 2020 GOLD Indigo Design Award 2020 SILVER


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Nudus Branding Snack Packaging
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Nudus Branding Snack Packaging
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Nudus Branding Snack Packaging
Nudus Branding Snack Packaging