A fresh–faced beauty


SISIDYLL has been a familiar face in Chinese beauty aisles, but its packaging was showing its age a little too much until we got our hands on it.

The brand and its retailers recognised that a refresh was needed if SISIDYLL was to compete with the new slew of ‘natural beauty’ lines now sharing its shelves.

Made in Australia using native ingredients, we saw a real opportunity to elevate the brand from beauty basics to aspirational lifestyle, focusing on its high-quality core ingredient, Australian blueberries. We created a ‘real fruit’ feel that’s softer and subtler, a new structural form with a clear organic influence and employed clever colour accents for the packaging. The bespoke, hand-lettered brand mark and insignia are understated and sophisticated — all hallmarks of premium products in the skincare category.

And if you were ever seeking proof that a brand and packaging refresh is a worthwhile investment, get this – within just six months revenue was up by 30%.

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A’Design Award: 2017 SILVER


Identity Design  |  Packaging Design  |  Structural Design  |  3D Rendering  |  Photography  |  Production Management  |  APN Advertising


Angela was very committed to our project and the results of the redesign were both immediate and impressive.

  • Within the first 6 months of launching the revised branding and packaging design we saw an increase in our revenue of 30%
  • Within the first 2 weeks of launching the new product packaging, as a direct result of the APN ad campaign run at one Sydney train station, we had acquired 10,000 new followers
  • 4 weeks after launching the new product, luminous liquid base, it made up 50% of all product sales

Jessica Ma – Marketing Director Sisidyll

skincare identity design Sisidyll logo
identity design Sisidyll logo sketches
skincare packaging design Sisidyll cleanser
skincare packaging design Sisidyll liquid
skincare packaging design Sisidyll cream
skincare identity design Sisidyll sketches
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