Our brand identity design for this photography business is based on three classic geometric shapes—a triangle, a circle and a square. Shapes are a powerful way to communicate; the circle gives us a sense of unity and harmony, the square security and equality and the triangle progression and purpose. All of which, we felt were befitting for wedding photography.

We worked in partnership with Vert design to develop the packaging design which consisted of hand-made albums and brass and black timber album cases. The cast brass inlay will ‘better with age’ and we wanted to craft something that would last a lifetime and could be passed on to future generations. The brass inset reveals a small recess in which to keep a memento from the day. The albums and album covers are hot foil stamped, which is followed through on to the stationery items.

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Client: AOE  |  Structural Design: Vert Design  |  Book Binding: Barbara Schmelzer