Fun and full of beans


Heard about lupini beans? Neither had we, until this fascinating superfood landed on our desk from Sydney-based startup, Beanopini.

It turns out that lupini beans have been a streetfood staple in the Mediterranean for millennia, but snackers elsewhere would need an easy-to-digest creative concept to make it relevant to their needs today.

We saw a huge opportunity to educate consumers about this unbelievably good-for-you bean by punching out the appealing nutritional benefits while communicating its simple, honest ingredients.

We decided to use colour to flaunt the flavours and give the packaging some real shelf- shout. Illustrations subtly allude to craft and traditionalism, and fun flavour names and engaging language express the brand’s values and personality. The organic shape of the bean takes centre stage; used to give the packaging design a bold simplicity with bags of shelf appeal – vital in the over-crowded and often confusing healthy-snack category.

Packaging design with very healthy credentials.

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superfood packaging design Beanopini logo
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