Hidden depths


The story of Frangelico, a liqueur first made by Italian monks, provided rich inspiration for our laser-cut packaging design.

Provenance was a driving force in the design of this gift packaging for Frangelico. The drink’s origins date back more than 300 years to early Christian monks living in the hills of the Piedmont area.

The beautiful packaging designs we created reflect the spectacular monastic architecture that can be found in the home of Frangelico. Using ornate stained-glass as a graphic symbol, we created an intricate laser cut window that gives a glimpse of the product inside whilst still retaining a cloistered feel. In a category that flaunts prestige, we wanted to deliver a distinctively subtle and yet desirable solution.

Giving you a peek into the past.

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Packaging Design  |  3D Rendering  |  Illustration

liqueur packaging design Frangelico pattern
Frangelico liquer packaging sketching
liqueur packaging design Frangelico box
liqueur packaging design Frangelico box
Frangelico gold pattern
liqueur packaging illustration Frangelico hazelnuts
liqueur packaging design Frangelico tin
liqueur packaging design Frangelico tin