Simply refreshing

Cookoothama | AUSTRALIA

We originally created the brand and packaging design in 2000, quirky and fun.

We gave it a facelift in 2007 introducing a lighter colour palette thus giving it better shelf-shout and product differentiation. However, the 2013 packaging design rejuvenation required a revolutionary approach to bring the brand in line with the domestic brand strategy.

The simple, uncluttered approach was achieved by using a number of print techniques; foiling, embossing, blind embossing and high-build varnish. The white background, print finishes and modified typography work together to give the brand a fresher, classic and approachable feel.

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NuganCookoothama logo
NuganCookoothama wine packaging design label
NuganCookoothama wine packaging design
NuganCookoothama wine packaging design before photo