Back to the roots


Our nostalgia-tinged label design for these heritage-inspired wines evokes simpler times gone by.

‘Field blends’ have been a thing ever since European migrants to the New World began experimenting with whatever grapes they could get their hands on in their new land. With this in mind, we took the focus of the label back to the vineyard and terroir, with a packaging design inspired by earthy richness, tradition and artisanal techniques.

We drew upon designs of the past, where block type contrasts with hand lettering to create a design that feels hand-crafted and rugged. The heavy stock of the label is tactile and pleasing to the touch, while the deep embossing and high build maximise visual impact.

Old-world quality meets modern-day creativity.

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A’Design Award: 2015 IRON


Packaging Design  |  3D Rendering  |  Production Management

wine packaging design Margan
wine packaging design Margan label
Margan wine packaging design