Helmet hair re-done


For this innovative helmet accessory invented for image-conscious bikers, we created an identity and packaging with serious va-va-voom.

First up, we gave this product its name, creating the Hightail brand name and tone of voice before moving onto the visual identity and sleek packaging.

Created for any biker with long hair, the main initial consideration was that the product packaging must appeal to both men and women, which ultimately led to our selection of a strong but unisex colour palette of black, red and grey. The client also wanted anyone browsing in a store environment to be able to see the product inside the packaging, and to be able to re-use it. With much of the demand for Hightail anticipated to be online purchases, lightweight packaging that offered protection, and could easily and cost effectively be put in the mail, was important too.

The sleek and unique multi-layered film pouch we have designed met all of the client’s requirements, as well as containing everything the purchaser needs to get up and running; the product, attachment clips, spacer and how-to brochure.

Print production was taken care of by our sister company, Colophon Print Management, and is a perfect example of the high-quality results that can be achieved with the right printing partner.

So long, helmet hair.

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