Boxing-clever coffee


This artisan coffee startup had bags of stuff on their packaging wish list, so from the start we knew that something fresh and new was brewing.

Innovation was at the heart of this coffee packaging design project, and the Depot team saw an exciting opportunity to break the category norm and deliver packaging that hits all the right notes in terms of form, function, cost and aesthetic appeal. There were various constraints to work within, too. The sealed coffee bag was tall and tapered, but the client wanted it flat. The bag also had to be visible, so boxing the entire bag just wasn’t an option, and would also mean over packaged.

Our solution was a ‘half box’ for the bag. We designed a secure ‘lid’, which allows the product to be easily and efficiently stacked, provides ample space for communicating the brand messaging and product information, and also means that the bag of beans can be sealed. A distinctive colour and number system enables customers to differentiate the 14 varieties available.

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eDPA: 2019 PLATINUM  |  Indigo Design Awards: 2019 SILVER  |  A’Design Award: 2015 PLATINUM


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